What’s New in Google Maps on Google I / O 2018?

Google Maps is a must-have app that is used by millions of people every day to get current commuting schedules, get directions, or discover new restaurants or businesses nearby, whether you’re exploring your neighborhood or traveling on a new business city.

At Google I / O 2018, Google announced some interesting features designed to make Google Maps more useful and personal. In this way you can spend less time looking for a phone to find a place where you can get food or drinks and spend more time enjoying the best places in the city and also show some new additions between Google Maps and your mobile camera. To get the more upcoming information keep in touch Mobile App Developer in Austin.

These features will be available on Google Maps for both Android and iOS in the coming months.

What was announced on Google Maps at 2018 I / O?

Google Maps becomes much more personal. Google uses the possibilities of automatic learning to find places that you should love based on everything they know about the company (a lot) and their preferences (a lot and constantly growing).

These features are part of a redesigned app that includes a re-focused “Browse” tab that can be used to enhance customization options and recommendations, the best tools for creating plans with friends, and a new hyper-personal tab “For You” Stay up to date on what’s happening in your favorite baths, both in your neighborhood and halfway around the world.

Most of the updated features in the keynote are available on the redesigned Explorer tab of the app. If you have strictly used Google Maps as directions, Google hopes that these new features will encourage you to use the Explore tab to discover new trendy places, eat, learn about upcoming events in your area and you can not know other activities to see.

The card contains detailed lists of trendy cafes and restaurants. In addition, you can cross the restaurants you’ve tried so you can monitor the places you’ve been and the places you’ve been hit

Another interesting feature added to Google Maps is “Your Game”. You should know at a glance whether Google thinks you like a particular restaurant or company.

This feature uses machine learning to capture information about a company (location, prices, hours, user rating data, etc.) and on the knowledge of food and drink preferences, the place you’ve visited in the past and to know your personal reviews and favorite restaurants.

The algorithms are designed to evolve and change over time as more personal information is entered into the system. The result is a “match” percentage (similar to what Netflix uses for its reference algorithm), which should give you a good idea of what new restaurants you should look at and what you think of your personal information. Know your preferences, you should avoid.

This seems to be a revolutionary feature for tourists trying to navigate in a foreign city because the system uses the vision positioning system together with Google Street View data to determine what the cameras are looking for and therefore the relevant information. arrows that point right towards your destination or relevant information about the restaurant that interests you.

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