Want Cheap Lodging Business? Know the Capital, Benefits, and Steps to Get Started!

Now a lot of cheap lodging appears in Indonesia along with the mushrooming tourist attractions in several areas. This certainly raises the potential for hidden benefits for businesses in the tourism industry.Not just stocks and gold, property investment today can be an attractive option for you to save your wealth. If most people choose a house to rent or lease, then there are other options you can choose to make it a place to stay. For people who already have experience in the hospitality field, it might not be a difficult thing to do, but for those of you who have never had to worry because they can listen to this article to the end. Let’s just check out the full review of starting the following home lodging business.

1. Make sure you have a large area of   occupancy

The first step you must make sure is that the building area that you have is enough to accommodate many customers. Prepare at least 7 rooms for customers who want to rest in your cheap lodging. Then, don’t forget to divide it into classes ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive to adjust customer choices.

2. Perform renovations if needed

Furthermore, if you’ve made sure your place has enough space, do a renovation. This step is actually optional, depending on needs, if the condition of all sides of the house is still feasible, then it is not necessary. But if there is, of course, you have to pay extra to renovate it before becoming a cheap lodging.

3. Shopping equipment and cheap lodging needs

Third, you have to prepare all the cheap lodging equipment ranging from air conditioning, TV, Wifi, mattresses, pillows, bolsters to a vacuum cleaner. That is the basic equipment that needs to be met as the most basic standard for establishing a simple lodging place. If you want more advanced, you can also prepare towels, soap, and shampoo as other additional needs that can spoil customers.

4. Prepare qualified human resources

Of the many steps you have to do, maybe prepare qualified human resources. Training is the most basic way to find good HR.If you want the process to be faster, you can recruit experts who already have experience with a relatively higher wage risk compared to hiring beginners and must provide training first. One obstacle if you are just starting to pioneer this business is that there is no patented work culture so that the work method is still looking for the one that best suits what is needed.

5. Manage cheap lodging business licenses

Fifth, you also need to take care of the conditions and permits needed to build a home-stay business. Generally, you must take this permit to the local city level to get a business permit. In addition, you have an obligation to pay business tax if your business runs well and produces income.

6. Advertise on social media and applications

The last thing you need to do so that the cheap accommodations that you pioneer are successful is to advertise them on social media and lodging applications. Now there are already a lot of startups in the country engaged in the tourism sector to offer shelter to travelers from outside the area.

7. The right marketing strategy

Take advantage of travel platforms to promote your stay. Connecting to the above about how to bring in customers for 30 full days as well as the previous points, you can register for one of the cheap lodging applications like Airy Rooms which has recently increased in popularity. This will certainly increase the occupancy of your hotel customers. Easy steps you know: