There’s a new tendency in cosmetic jars that you need on your shelf

We have always been looking for better ways of doing things. It’s a natural part of being human. As we make new discoveries, our outlook on life changes. There is one new discovery that has amazed many. The use of violet glass cosmetic jars. Although it is mostly used in the cosmetics industry, violet glass is already being used by other industries. From body oils to tea leaves, violet glass offers great benefits. The next time you see cosmetic jars, ask if they are made with violet glass. You are guaranteed a product that is natural and will be able to maintain its physical properties for a long time. Let’s explain a little about how it works.

Take the good and discard the bad from light

Many products deteriorate faster if exposed to light. This is nothing new. We’ve read it many times in the instructions of a lot of cosmetic jars. What if we could filter out the light? What if we could avoid the harmfulness of light and take advantage of its benefits? That is precisely what makes violet glass so special. Thanks to its unique violet color, it can block visible light. This light is responsible for activating a large number of microorganisms that cause our products to deteriorate more quickly. In addition to blocking this light, violet glass allows ultraviolet, violet and infrared rays to enter the cosmetic jars. These rays are known to be capable of providing energy.

How can an ultraviolet ray provide energy?

Ultraviolet light is known to have a very high frequency, around 750 billion Hertz. Professor Hugo Niggli discovered that this frequency is capable of activating and energizing the molecular structure of organic substances. This energy acts as a healing effect. This is what makes it possible for everything inside violet glass cosmetic jars to stay fresh for much longer. And without the need for preservatives. Have you noticed that the most popular skin care machines use ultraviolet rays? What violet glass does is replicate these same benefits in the products stored inside cosmetic jars made from this material. More and more companies will be using this type of glass to manufacture their products. The next time you decide to buy a product, verify that it uses violet glass to protect its contents. Remember that these products will not only last longer, but will also maintain their physical properties for a longer period of time.