7 Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

To lead a healthy lifestyle does not mean spending time at the gym and eating only lettuce leaves. It is to make healthy and manageable decisions in your daily life.

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Dr Craig Nossel, Discovery Vitality ‘s well – being manager, says: “The trick to make your lifestyle healthy is to make a small healthy change everyday, such as using a staircase instead of an elevator, water or smoking that drinks fruits and drinks.”

Regular exercise, healthy eating, healthy life: Let’s start with the basis of healthy living.

I like to move!

Move your body like King Julian. Whenever you can, not only once a day, but every day. An exercise session is ideal for your daily routine, but you can burn kilojoules in the following way:

Instead of sending an e-mail, go to another person’s office
The parking lot furthest at the building and on foot, or
Take the stairs more frequently.
Cleaning or gardening
Take a dog to walk or cycle with children without watching TV
We are together

We spend our lives on the desk, watching television, meeting, and by telephone. Sitting habits There are new research findings showing potential risks to overall health. So, please stand for 5 minutes and rest your sitting time by helping you with your health.

All small account accounts are added to all the more burned calories.

If you are overweight, minor changes in your daily exercise routine are beneficial to your health. Indeed, one study found that weight loss was only 10%, helping lower body weight and blood cholesterol levels and improving health.

Nourish health

When you are taking health, you have online information on various theories, diet books, and food. This is often contradictory. The research continues, but according to the opinion of experts, our diet contains a lot of sugar and our part is too big, so we should eat natural food in general.

Sweet enough

It is difficult to escape from sweet food, from sweet drinks to breakfast grains. In many cases, sugar is hidden in canned and packaged foods, or foods considered healthy such as fruit juice. The average person consumes about 22 teaspoon of sugar every day. According to the American Heart Association, the daily goal must be 6 levels of teaspoon for women and 9 levels for men – it is combined for food and drinks.

The easiest way to limit your sugar intake is to cut sweet sparkling beverages. It alone helps to lose weight or maintain healthy weight and helps to reduce the risk of heart disease, obesity and diabetes.

Partial distortion

The proportion of our food and drink has increased significantly in the past 30 years. In the 50’s, there was 28 grams at the take-out restaurant – today is 154 grams – it’s not a super size, it’s a huge 196 grams!

The increase in partial size includes not only the removed part but also the size of the supermarket packaging, restaurant dinner plate and glasses, and even the size of the refrigerator. The simple way to cut your part is as follows.

Please eat your main dish on a small plate. Visually the plate looks perfect to make you happy, but technically you will not eat that much.
Please rinse with a kitchen instead of eating dishes with a dining table. It is much easier to take a few seconds when you are in front of you.
Please eat a small regular meal (at least every 4 hours) so that you are not starving. When you get hungry, it is very difficult to stop before eating too much.
Beautiful coloring me

Choosing the whole food and cooking from scratch can be more healthy than purchasing prepared or cooked foods, which are high in fat and salty but contain little nutrients. To eat lots of nutrients, vitamins and minerals every day, it is easy to choose the color of the meal. Become an artist of your meal and paint various colors of yellow, red, green and fruits and vegetables throughout the day.

As your diet all turns brown, your body will be frustrated.

Choose your life

For a long and healthy life, there is nothing more harmful than smoking, which causes half of smokers to die or cause obstacles. The risk of smoking is so great that it is the most important public health problem in the world and ironically, prevention is possible.

Smoking affects the internal organs, as well as skin aging due to skin damage. Smoking will give you wrinkles, form wrinkles around your mouth, dye your teeth and fingers, deprive skin of nutrients, strengthen youth, reduce collagen to make your skin gray. I wonder if smoking is often marketed as attractive and attractive.

It is not an easy journey, so courage is necessary to stop smoking, but it is a bold and wise decision. Some of the positive changes occur promptly, but others become more gradual, but if there is a change it will benefit your health and happiness.

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