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old technologyThese are illustrations of some older know-how that was not often seen on Sikaiana in 1980-1993. Aside of an organ (hydraulis), which was the first keyboard musical instrument ever — and, by the best way, quickly discovered its place as a church organ notice in the temple of Venus — Ctesibius invented: a pump (sarcastically, it was lost in the fires that ravaged Alexandria); a water clock (a direct precursor to the flushing toilet); solar-powered mechanisms and a pneumatic cannon.

Mentioned in a tavern conversation in Infinite Area A character notes that Adis ‘ advanced technology could be very near the expertise their precursors from Terra used to have, which leads another character to say the concept of their precursors had more superior expertise than the current generation is ridiculous.

Mars was once a technological paradise, the Erisians had some very developed medical and navy expertise and Io is also implied to have been very superior earlier than the Europans determined their neighbours’ cities would look higher as craters.

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