10 tips for a more happy and healthy life

1 “Eat” common sense says the best meal is based on the food we ate the longest time on this planet. These are the foods we developed for food and we are best suited. According to research, “original” meals consisting of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, meat, fish and eggs are ideal for weight control and risk marker improvement. Heart disease and diabetes. This “going to the Proterozoic diet philosophy makes it possible to break marketing hype and diet erroneous information, and to enable health foods to be selected quickly and safely.

2 Keep Hydrated Water is two-thirds of the body and performs many functions, including solvents, nutritional carriers, temperature regulators, body antidotes. Maintaining moisture can have a major impact on our vitality and energy levels, including mental attention. The goal is to drink enough water to keep the urine light yellow throughout the day.

3 Take care and eat ourselves In our busy world, there is a tendency to eat while distracting, and eating more than necessary is to lose appetite. Many of us enjoy eating with full consciousness. Some things to think about here, avoid eating slower and take time to really taste food if you distract your attention. The special thing to notice is to chew your food – this not only helps our food but also helps the digestive process.

4 In the summer a lot of sunlight … The sunlight and vitamin D formed by this skin are useful for the treatment of plaque and osteoporosis, with reduced risk of various cancers, heart diseases, sclerosis. Immune function. In principle, vitamin D is made when our shadow is shorter than the length of the body, ie when the sky is high and the sun is high. Although it is necessary to avoid burning, it is necessary to irradiate as much light as possible for optimal health condition.

5 … In the winter there is a possibility that the amount of insolation in winter is small and I feel sick. External exposure is beneficial in the winter, such as during the day, even when the outside is cold. Another option is to invest in devices that simulate sunlight and use every day from October to March.

Sleep is good, sleep has the ability to optimize mental and physical energy and optimal sleep (about 8 hours at night) is associated with a reduction in the risk of chronic disease and longer life span. The easy strategy that will help you get the best sleep is to go to bed early. Going to bed at 10 am or 10:30 pm is a potentially useful investment in the short term and long term due to your health and well-being. It is sufficient to turn off the computer or turn off the TV early in the evening and secure sufficient time and space in early hours.

Aerobic exercise, including simple and simple as well as normal walking gait, is associated with various benefits of the body and brain, including reduced risk of chronic illness, anxiety and anxiety. Feel better. The goal is about 30 minutes a day.

8 Participating in resistance training Training resists maintaining muscle mass and helping to strengthen the body. This is particularly important as you get older to reduce the risk of obstacles and falls. Many very useful exercises can be done at home. For example, push ups, abdominal muscles and bedridden. Invest in duct tape and dumbbell and extend home routine to other exercises.

9 Practice random actions of kindness Randomly kind acts are similar for donors as well as recipients. For those you love or lose contact you can be a call or SMS. Also, thinking about passengers, handover of seats by train or bus, meals or spontaneous bouquets are necessary.

10. Practice the appreciation art Modern life tends to be ambitious and can be easily addressed to a list of ever-increasing goals that many can be important. Some of us do not concentrate on what we do not have, others spend time concentrating on what we are doing. Our hearts can grow up in beautiful scenery and sunset thanks to our friends and family members. Comprehensive information and advice on health and well-being.

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