The Most Effective Way to Overcome Problem Sleep Insomnia

One problem that is often experienced is insomnia. If left continuously, insomnia will interfere with the health of the body. Besides that, it can interfere with activities. This article will discuss the meaning of insomnia, its causes, symptoms, and how to deal with insomnia.


Definition of Insomnia

Insomnia is a condition that makes it difficult to sleep. insomnia is a state of not being able to sleep due to a mental disorder. There are certain disorders that cause sleeplessness. This will cause health problems. There are several definitions of insomnia according to experts, including the following:

1. Rafknowledge

Insomnia is a complaint that often arises. These complaints are in the form of difficulty sleeping problems. Things that happen like sleep becomes restless, difficulty holding sleep or staying asleep. In addition, there are other obstacles experienced, namely frequent awakenings in the middle of the night. Often waking up earlier than it should also be an obstacle experienced by someone.

2. Morin

Insomnia is a difficulty getting and or staying asleep. This condition repeats continuously.

3. Dogramji

defines insomnia as a state of disturbed sleep. It is manifested as a condition where it is difficult to sleep, from when initiating sleep or sleeping maintenance. In addition, insomnia is also a condition when you wake up earlier than you should.

4. Sadock & Sadock

Insomnia is a condition in which it is difficult to initiate or maintain sleep. This condition is temporary or persistent.

5. Castle, Laking, and Treasaden

According to him, insomnia is a sleep disorder. The disturbance experienced is in the form of quality or quantity of sleep which can be said to be insufficient than it should be.

6. Vrisaba

Vrisaba) expressed his opinion about insomnia. According to is a disease that has symptoms. These symptoms are sleep deprivation, or disturbed sleep time. Sleep time is disturbed because there are hours of unconscious part of the time. These hours are actually the most important part of getting to a good night’s sleep.

Based on the definitions above, it can be concluded that is a disorder that is experienced when going to sleep, namely difficulty sleeping.

1. Anxious or stressed

Anxiety is a condition when you feel excessively worried or anxious. If anxiety is experienced for a long time, it will become stressful. Stress is a condition when thinking about the problem at hand. Anxiety and stress will trigger

2. Depression

Depression will cause a person to experience However, it is not always difficult to sleep. Sometimes there is someone who experiences sleep disturbances in the form of long sleep. This happened because he wanted to let go of the problem he was facing by taking it out in his sleep for a long time.

3. Chronic disorders

There are some people who experience insomnia due to chronic disorders. Chronic disorders such as sleep disorders. Like sleep apnea, sleep apnea or sleep apnea is a sleep disorder that causes a person’s breathing to stop temporarily. This happened several times while sleeping. In addition, another sign is that you still feel sleepy even though you have slept for a long time. Apart from sleeping apnea, other diseases that cause sleeplessness are kidney disease, diabetes, arthritis or other diseases.

4. Side effects of a medication

There are several treatments for diseases that cause insomnia. Usually these medications will cause nausea or vomiting after undergoing them.

5. Bad diet

One of the causes of insomnia is having a bad diet. Examples include eating or drinking heavily before going to bed. This will make it difficult to sleep, because the digestive system will be active after eating or drinking something. If this habit is carried out continuously

6. Consuming certain substances

Certain substances that can cause insomnia are caffeine, nicotine and alcohol. These substances will cause These substances are nerve depressants. So that someone who consumes it will be awake and unable to sleep. In addition, sleep patterns will also be disrupted.