Palm oil products are revolutionizing the food market

The food market depends on many factors to deliver high quality products to consumers. Today’s consumers do not measure the quality of a product only by its taste, texture or price. They also care whether they are made from sustainable resources. Palm oil products can offer all this and more. Palm oil is the most versatile oil crop. A single tree can produce 40 kilograms of oil per year. That’s 4 to 10 times more oil per hectare planted compared to other oil crops such as soybeans, canola or olives. This makes it an environmentally friendly crop as it requires less land to meet world demand. Companies that manufacture palm oil products know that their products are not only delicious and pleasantly textured, but that they are also environmentally sustainable.

Health is consumers’ top priority

People are more health conscious today. With a couple of clicks, they can discover the pros and cons of any product. In the world of saturated fats, the word “hydrogenation” sets off red flags. Palm oil products are free of hydrogenation. For products such as butter or chocolate spreads to have that smooth but stable texture, they require hydrogenated fats. The downside is that these fats are very harmful to the circulatory system and the heart. Palm oil products do not require hydrogenation because palm oil has a semi-solid structure that remains stable even at room temperature. This results in high quality and healthy food products. Palm oil is also used in the production of personal care products such as cosmetics or soaps because, thanks to its composition, it reduces the need for chemical additives.

Good for you and the environment

Palm oil has become an essential pillar of global economic development. When palm oil products are produced, it is not only the producer who benefits. Preserving the environment should be part of any company’s mission. Never before have consumers been so demanding on this issue. Entrepreneurs want to make sure that their companies project the right image. Palm oil products help preserve the environment because they are efficient oil crops. To produce 1 ton of palm oil requires the equivalent of 0.37 soccer fields. We would need 2 and 2.8 soccer fields to produce the same amount of sunflower and soybean oil respectively. This reduces deforestation of rainforests and protects the natural habitat of many animals. Palm oil products are known to be delicious, natural, healthy and eco-friendly. This is only possible with the use of palm oil.