Are you the genetic father or not?

Many men have come across this problem at one point in their life. Out of nowhere, the problem arises, and suddenly they are confronted with the question of whether they are the genetic father of a child, or not. This can have many different reasons, but the way forwards remains the same. Therefore, this blog will help you see what options you have now.

Paternity testing

Probably the most effective solution, but in some cases also the most scary one, is taking a paternity test. You can easily take a paternity test at home, and within a relatively short amount of time, you will know for certain if you are the genetic father of the child or not. However, you should be aware that by law, you can only do this test, if all people involved approve it. If the mother of the child, for example, does not agree with you taking the test, then you cannot do so. However, if all parties involved agree, then this might be the best solution for you to gain clarity of the mind.

Legal paternity testing

In some cases it is necessary that the paternity test you’ve done can be used for legal cases. This can have many different reasons. However, you need to know that legal paternity testing requires certain requisites to be accepted by legal institutions. Home paternity testing is not accepted. You have to get a paternity test at a special center. Depending on your situation, you can either do it because you’ve decided to do so, or if you are in a lawsuit, such a test can be demanded by the judges.

Living with the doubt

If there is no legal case involved, many men choose to continue to live with the doubt, instead of taking the test. This may have many different reasons, however, you might not want to know if the child is really yours or not. Imagine you are in a happy relationship with your wife and suddenly you find out that the child is not yours, although you thought it was. Ask yourself, would you rather want to know, or would you be happier if you didn’t know? For this reason, if you are able to calm your mind and settle your doubts, then accepting the situation as it is without a test might be the right thing for you.