The Best Routine for Maintaining Heart Health

Cardiovascular disease is a non-communicable health disease that causes the most deaths in almost all parts of the world. Practicing a healthy lifestyle can help prevent heart disease. Based on information from the World Health Organization, cardiovascular disease claims 17.7 million lives each year. Of this total death rate, more than half are caused by coronary heart disease and stroke.

Deaths caused by heart disease are expected to continue to increase to reach 23.3 million by 2030. Here are 9 Habits that you must implement starting today to protect heart health. All of these guidelines can still be tried by people who already have heart disease.

1. Pay attention to health indications that might stick out

Not only for people who are at risk of developing heart disease, being aware of every change in the body basically has to be tried by everyone just in case. One easy way to do this is to write down the changes or sensations that pop up every time you feel them. For example, difficulty breathing, shortness of breath when lying down or during activities, swelling of the feet and hands, and other signs. Tell your doctor if you feel these indications.

2. Exercise regularly

Regular exercise can help improve heart and lung health, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, thus maintaining a healthy body weight. Exercise for at least 30 minutes a day, minimum 5 days a week. There is no limit to what types of exercise can and should be tried to prevent … Read More