Preventing Moss in the Lawn

If you have a beautiful green lawn, you naturally want to keep it that way. Moss formation can change this and that is, of course, annoying. Moss often forms in the lawn, and it makes a grass mat quite ugly. Moss forms a thick layer and rainwater gets trapped in the moss. As a result, the grass dries out and cannot take root in the moss. Annoying, but it does mean that you have to remove moss to keep your lawn beautiful. Removing moss seems complicated, but in principle it is a simple task. How does it work? And what do you need to pay attention too? In this article, we discuss this in detail, so you can learn more about it.

What is the cause?

There are various causes of moss forming in your lawn. Moss can form, especially in shady spots under trees. This occurs particularly in dark and damp places. Grass is not able to withstand little wetness and sunlight, so a lot of grass falls away and is replaced by moss. Also, if you cut the grass too short, there is a good chance of moss developing. The soil can also be too acidic, which means the grass doesn’t get enough nutrition. The grass weakens, and the moss can easily establish itself in the acidic soil.

Organic fertilisers have a good effect against moss and ensure that the moss is removed in a natural way. You will find this particularly in moss killer products, which are … Read More

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